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It takes a lot of time and strength for a victim of domestic violence to leave. Between the two founders, we have nearly 20 years of partner and spousal abuse. If you count the things we’ve witnessed as children, the amount totals close to half a century. Among two women, we have a lifetime of experience in the depths of trauma, survival and pain. We’ve seen it, we’ve felt it, we’ve survived it. We understand how difficult it is to navigate paths of emotional and physical abuse and how treacherous it can be to crawl out from underneath it. We are here, to show you that there is hope. We are your strength in your times of weakness. We are your source of hope until you find it within yourself. We stand behind victims to arm them with tools they need to find their worth and fight their way out. They can rise from the ashes and be the change.

Empowering survivors to become advocates is crucial in both the recovery of the survivor and the success of abolishing domestic violence within society. Many cultures still struggle with gender equality, which in turn enables abusive relationships. Instead of putting shame on the survivor, we must equip them with power and show them that the pain they endured, can be put to use. Their voice is the highest caliber ammunition to fight against domestic violence


We are currently looking for local businesses to participate in our WJL Allies program. Many domestic violence situations arise in public and victims need a safe place to go if they are in need of resources or help. Local businesses who support the Women's Justice League can participate in this program and will receive a kit with more information. If you are interested in participating as one of our local allies, or interested in donating funds to support our programs, sign up below and we will be in touch soon.

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